Ozarkansas Fresh #23: Into the Chill

Oct 21, 2016
Dorothy Hall

Time to warm up with Chef Dorothy Hall's final foray into the foodie treasures in her CSA box. 

We've followed Dorothy for 23 weeks as she's shared tips for choosing, prepping, storing and cooking the best local produce. Thanks to Dripping Springs Garden for donating the CSA share, and to Edible Ozarkansas for partnering with us to bring you this series. 

Chef Dorothy Hall is in a pickle. It's almost the end of CSA season. In this, our penultimate guide to the ingredients appearing in CSA shares and on market stands in our area right now, Dorothy gives us some great tips for preserving precious produce. Ozarkansas Fresh is brought to you in partnership with Edible Ozarkansas and with thanks to Dripping Springs Garden.

Ozarkansas Fresh #21: Fresh Greens, Cornucopia of Potatoes, Fresh Ginger

Oct 7, 2016
Dorothy Hall, instagram @simplyonearth

Ozarkansas Fresh is your guide to what's in season in our area farmers markets. Chef Dorothy Hall unpacks her CSA box from Dripping Springs Garden and serves up inspiration. This week, she gives us ideas, tips, and recipes for making the most of our local bounty, which includes a variety of greens, potatoes, apples, and even fresh ginger root.

Dorothy Hall, instagram @simplyonearth

Gardens in the Ozarks are not yet done providing produce. Professional chef Dorothy Hall gives us proof with the latest community supported agriculture box from Dripping Springs Garden. Ozarkansas Fresh is presented in partnership with Edible Ozarkansas.

Ozarkansas Fresh #19: Fall Freshness and Hobo Pouches

Sep 23, 2016
Dorothy Hall, instagram @simplyonearth

Chef Dorothy Hall with this week's OzarkansasFresh, which features the first official fall produce.  This segment is brought to you in partnership with Edible Ozarkansas, and with thanks to Dripping Springs Garden.