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On today's program, Michael Tilley of Talk Business and Politics explains why proposed new leadership at the EPA may be seen as favorable by the city of Fort Smith. We hear about how Gov. Asa Hutchinson's "Arkansas Works" Medicaid expansion plan may appeal to Republicans in Washington, D.C. looking for a compromise to the Affordable Care Act, and we get a preview of an annual holiday concert, featuring five musical duos and benefiting Open Avenues.

EPA and Fort Smith

3 hours ago
courtesy / Talk Business and Politics

Michael Tilley from Talk Business and Politics explains why people in Ft. Smith have a keen interest in possible new leadership at the EPA.

Listen to the story here. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he’s secured federal approval to keep the state’s public/private healthcare partnership, renamed “Arkansas Works," but a debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act continues at the federal level, and Arkansas’s budget remains deeply dependent on federal money from “Obamacare.” In 2014 Hutchinson was elected on a promise to dismantle the state’s Obamacare model. This week he traveled to Washington for federal approval to keep and...

Ho, Ho . . . and Ho

3 hours ago

The holiday season is in full gear with Christmas plays, concerts, displays and more. Becca Martin Brown , with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, is able to give us a rundown of the cheery options.

This month, five duos will gather for a Christmas concert to benefit Open Avenues in Rogers. We get a preview.