On today’s show, a monumental groundbreaking in downtown Fayetteville for TheatreSquared. Plus, Caleb Ryan Martin brings his music to the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio, and we’ll talk with Michael Tilley from Talk Business and Politics about the still surging home buyers market in northwest Arkansas and big plans for downtown Fort Smith.

Home Sales Still Surging in NWA

Jun 23, 2017

Michael Tilley, from Talk Business and Politics, says the continuing rise in home sales in northwest Arkansas outpaces predictions.

courtesy / TheatreSquared

On Friday, ground is officially broken for the new, permanent home for TheatreSquared.

A Friday roundup: new census statistics for Arkansas, new health plan proposed and new money for area Boys and Girls Clubs.

Opera is at Home in the Ozarks

Jun 23, 2017

Becca Martin Brown, with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, says there are plenty of established scripts in production this month. Operas and plays staged this summer include works from Mozart and Homer.

courtesy Caleb Ryan Martin

Fayetteville native Caleb Ryan Martin is only 19 years old, but he averages upwards of 150 shows each year at venues across the country. Last night he performed with Mary-Heather and the Sinners as the opening act for a Kellie Pickler concert in Northwest Arkansas. In between shows, Martin has found time to sign with a Kansas City label and work on his second album.

Scratching The Surface: Rosetta Mission

Jun 23, 2017

Welcome to Scratching The Surface with Caitlin Ahrens.  Today, Caitlin tells us about the European Space Agency's Rosetta Mission which was designed to study asteroids.  

 For more on the Center for Space and Planetary Science, visit spacecenter.uark.edu


Fresh off the heels of their live scoring of sci-fi classic Metropolis ​for Trillium Salon Series, the Shadow Ensemble returns with a presentation of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu. The group, dedicated to live scoring silent films, moves away from musically interpreting glittering towers and subterranean art deco factories to tackle the rustic foreboding mists of Transylvania. 

On today’s show, as the languages spoken in northwest Arkansas increase, a class aims to help more people speak and understand one of those languages. Plus in Rogers, an army of volunteers readies for the LPGA tournament, and Last Saturday brings the variety...and then some...every last Saturday.

Courtesy: Melanie Carbine

Marshallese language courses are being offered in Springdale this August, home to the largest Marshallese migrant population in the world. The course will be taught by Marshallese language expert Melanie Carbine who will travel to Arkansas to meet with Marshallese community leaders on best practices. She will then deliver a free public course on basic Marshallese at the Springdale Public Library and teach Marshallese language skills to interested faculty and staff at several Springdale public schools.


World and Area News

It is the education debate of the Trump era. With the President and his education secretary, Betsy DeVos, using policy and the bully pulpit to champion private school vouchers, supporters and critics have tangled over the question:

Do low-income, public school students perform better when they're given a voucher to attend a private school?

For years, the answer from researchers has been a muddle, while a handful of recent studies have clearly shown voucher students backsliding academically. But no one has studied the largest, single statewide program in the nation ...

It was a long holiday weekend in Colombia and the El Almirante ferry was filled with tourists.

Soon after the boat began cruising around the reservoir in Guatape on Sunday, survivors described hearing a loud explosion near the men's bathroom which knocked out power.

Shortly after that, the boat began sinking. The first two floors went underwater quickly as people rushed to get up to the fourth floor.

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Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.


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