Crescent Dragonwagon, award-winning author of more than 50 books across five genres, returns to the Ozarks to teach a food writing class at Brightwater Culinary Institute

Dragonwagon's insight to the complexities and nuances of culinary writing provide a catalyst for a meaningful conversation and exploration of "the stories that are burning to be told." 

Heavyweight classical guitarist Sharon Isbin explores how the Spanish guitar tradition grew from its humble beginnings to become an iconic part of the musical landscape in her latest release, "Alma Espanola." 

A collaboration with vocalist Isabel Leonard, "Alma Espanola" documents the Spanish tradition of cante jondo  or "deep song," in which the very landscape of the country is manifested in the music- whose genesis can be found in the Spanish tradition of wandering balladeers, who would sing and play guitar to no accompaniment.

Ozarks at Large for Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jan 11, 2018

On today's show, legislators are considering education spending after the governor released his budget proposal this week; we get a report on why some lawmakers are concerned about the level of funding for schools in Arkansas. Plus, a new novel imagines the final days of Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. Also, we hear how the city of Fayetteville is aiming to eventually use 100 percent renewable energy.

courtesy: Peter Nierengarten

The city of Fayetteville, in collaboration with the Arkansas Sierra Club and other stakeholders, has pledged to implement a timeline on which the city will shift to using 100 percent clean renewable energy. The effort is part of the city's comprehensive Energy Action Plan.

Oscar Wilde was a popular literary figure in the late 1800s. Late in his life, the Irish poet and playwright was convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years hard labor. What happened once he was released is the focus of John Vanderslice’s new novel, “The Last Days of Oscar Wilde.” The work is being released by Burlesque Press Jan. 15.

A Thursday roundup includes Congressman Steve Womack leading a budget process, Arkansas' corrections budget examined and a hog farm permit denied.

Another Historic Downtown Building Sells

Jan 11, 2018
NWA Business Journal

A downtown Fayetteville landmark, the Guisinger Building, has new owners. Details, and a conversation with one of the new owners, is included in this week's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report.

The Haiga Duo is an idiosyncratic combination of Eric Hollander on viola and Jason Chen on accordion. Their songs range from long elegiac instrumentals to accompanied spoken word pieces informed by Hollander's interest in literature and poetry. The duo takes its name from a minimalist style of Japanese painting intended to accompany haiku.

The unique collaboration began seven years ago in Boston. Although Chen's original focus was piano, logistical difficulties led to him to experiment.

Ozarks at Large for Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jan 10, 2018

After coming up short during the annual Red Kettle Campaign, the Salvation Army is looking to make adjustments in 2018. On today's show, we learn why that doesn't involve cuts to programming. Also, we learn about a new relationship skills course open to residents who otherwise may not have access to such opportunities.

courtesy: Arkansas Justice Collective

The Arkansas Justice Collective, based in Fayetteville, is offering a six-week relationship skills class that will examine topics such as identifying values, accountability, expectations, negotiation, boundary setting, strengthening support networks, and more. Co-facilitated by attorney Stephen Coger and social worker Patrick Yang, the class aims to help individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds to negotiate personal, workplace and community relationships.


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