Piano virtuoso Lang Lang explores Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons in his latest release, Lang Lang in Paris. The piece takes a close look at the individual months of the year as they relate to the human experience. “His timeless melodies have a kind of pain that he always turns into beauty, whether the music is peaceful or energetic. He presents his heart, and he holds your heart,” the pianist reflects. Hear the exquisite beauty of this piece and more on Tuesday’s show.  

For this episode, Denton, Texas-based pop rocker Jessie Frye stops by the studio, as does British popsinger Rumer. And we squeeze the entirety of Fayetteville band Lost John into the studio as well.

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We learn how the next generation of credit cards are designed to foil fraud, how one town in the Arkansas River Valley is using technology to become a more connected city, and how newsrooms that report on traumatic events can handle the personal toll that reporting takes.

A weekend of rain means caution is advised on the Arkansas River.

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Mulberry, Ark. is a rural town in southern Crawford County, and enhancing the quality of life through technology use is important to its mayor Gary Baxter. With the help of Verizon's 4G Network, the city recently installed 50 Smart Water Meters with hopes to change the city's more than 800 meters soon.

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Roby Brock, from Talk Business and Politics, says a shorter business week didn't result in a lack of business news.

Jacqueline Froelich

The holiday shopping season is in full gear, and more consumers are using new “chip” credit cards designed to foil fraud. We visit a few retailers to see how the cards work,and we talk with a local financial institution expert about issuing the new credit cards.

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The rain is expected to leave for the rest of the week, just in time for Christmas parades, Christmas lights, eggnog and a winter brunch.

Many newspaper, TV and radio newsrooms have to deal with stories that are traumatic. A recent panel discussion on the University of Arkansas campus included discussion about how reporters can better cover such events and how news managers can make sure the reporters take care of themselves, too.

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Some teams' seasons are over (Arkansas volleyball) and others are heading into the championship season (UAFS volleyball). Still others are just getting underway.