Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina was called the "Savior of Church Music."  Of his roughly 700 works, more than 100 were masses. His most famous work, the "Pope Marcellus" Mass, was a six-part piece dedicated to Pope Marcellus II.

We hear how Bentonville Public Library aims to celebrate a decade in its current home. We learn about a watersheds conference to be held next week in Eureka Springs, and we also get a preview of a death penalty symposium to be hosted by the U of A School of Law.

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The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and Arkansas Natural Resources Commission are co-hosting  “A Fluid Mosaic: The Big Picture of Watersheds” Conference October 27th and 28th in Eureka Springs. We provide a preview.

Death Penalty Symposium

22 hours ago

The University of Arkansas School of Law will host a symposium dedicated to the future of the death penalty tomorrow.  We talked to the keynote speaker in advance for a preview of some of the topics to be discussed.

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Medical Marijuana Chances in November

22 hours ago
courtesy / Talk Business and Politics

Roby Brock with Talk Business and Politics asks a pair of political observers about the chances of either (or both) medical marijuana issues passing next month in Arkansas.

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In 1977, the Bentonville Public Library moved into the old Massey Hotel in downtown. In 2006, the library moved into a new 38,000 square-foot facility on Main Street. Starting Saturday, the library has planned a week of events to celebrate its 10th anniversary in its current location. 

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SEFOR Money, Medical Marijuana and Literacy

22 hours ago
Whit Pruitt / University of Arkansas Media Relations

A mid-week review of events includes new money to clean up an old problem, dueling marijuana press conferences, and a fundraiser for Ozark Literacy Council.

Scraps Music

22 hours ago

Our Thursday archive is from eight years ago this week when ScrapArtsMusic, a musical group from Vancouver, brought their junk-turned-instruments to Walton Arts center.

Mathew Billows with the UARK Credit Union discusses the history and concept of credit unions.

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