Fresh off the heels of their live scoring of sci-fi classic Metropolis ​for Trillium Salon Series, the Shadow Ensemble returns with a presentation of F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu. The group, dedicated to live scoring silent films, moves away from musically interpreting glittering towers and subterranean art deco factories to tackle the rustic foreboding mists of Transylvania. 

On today’s show, as the languages spoken in northwest Arkansas increase, a class aims to help more people speak and understand one of those languages. Plus in Rogers, an army of volunteers readies for the LPGA tournament, and Last Saturday brings the variety...and then some...every last Saturday.

Courtesy: Melanie Carbine

Marshallese language courses are being offered in Springdale this August, home to the largest Marshallese migrant population in the world. The course will be taught by Marshallese language expert Melanie Carbine who will travel to Arkansas to meet with Marshallese community leaders on best practices. She will then deliver a free public course on basic Marshallese at the Springdale Public Library and teach Marshallese language skills to interested faculty and staff at several Springdale public schools.

This year, 850 volunteers will give tens of thousands of hours of their time to help the 11th annual Walmart NWA Championship run smoothly. This weekend, 144 golfers will be competing for $2 million in prize money during the three-day, 54-hole stroke play competition.

A Thursday roundup: Senator Tom Cotton in Senate hearings, Governor Hutchinson on business travel, Springdale earns award.

Hugh Kincaid Talks Third Retirement

1 hour ago

Hugh Kincaid is a fixture in Fayetteville, championing civic efforts. As part of this week's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report, he talks about his latest retirement and what's next.

There is no consensus regarding our semi-mystery sound. But all votes point to some kind of amphibian.

The monthly Last Saturday Variety Show in Fayetteville includes poetry, music, performance, comedy and catfish. With no stops.

On today’s show: trying to understand what any change in policy toward Cuba might mean for Arkansas agriculture. Plus, the city of Springdale asks residents for guidance for future plans when it comes to spaces. And we have live music suggestions for almost every night for the next seven nights.

When the Obama administration announced a policy in 2014 that loosened sanctions on travel to Cuba, Arkansas trade leaders jumped at the potential opportunity to trade with the island nation. The immense interest, which led Arkansas to send several delegations to Cuba, has to do with the Natural State's production of rice and poultry, which are staples of the Cuban diet. Now, President Donald Trump announced a reversal on some of the Obama administration's policies toward Cuba taking a tougher stance toward the communist nation.


World and Area News

Federal regulators on Thursday said they've identified "the perpetrator of one of the largest ... illegal robocalling campaigns" they have ever investigated.

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a $120 million fine for a Miami resident said to be single-handedly responsible for almost 97 million robocalls over just the last three months of 2016.

Officials say Adrian Abramovich auto-dialed hundreds of millions of phone calls to landlines and cellphones in the U.S. and Canada and at one point even overwhelmed an emergency hospital paging service.

In this week's episode of the show and podcast Invisibilia, we explore what happens when you discover a part of yourself that is very different than who you think you are.

What Hath Jobs Wrought?

17 minutes ago

Think back ten years. If someone told you then that within the next decade, you would have a device that fits in your pocket, lets you play any song, watch any movie or take a really good photo, you might’ve believed them. But what if they told you that the same device would lead to thousands of car accidents every year? That the President of the United States would use the device to post messages accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him?

Is Big Tech Getting Too Big?

17 minutes ago

Uber founder Travis Kalanick just resigned as CEO after a controversial run, but he leaves behind a very powerful company — one worth an estimated $70 billion.

A Slow And Steady Approach To Chemotherapy

28 minutes ago

When doctors treat cancer with chemotherapy, they usually attack the tumor as aggressively as the patient can bear. Then, after a break, they do it again. And again.

But that hard-hitting chemo tactic can have a downside: a few resistant cancer cells may survive, and the cancer can come back.

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