Short Talks From the Hill

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  • Hosted by Matt McGowan

Short Talks From The Hill is a podcast highlighting research and scholarly work at the University of Arkansas campus. Each segment features a university researcher discussing his or her work.

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Terhune Discusses Research at Romanian Fossil Site

Apr 6, 2018

Claire Terhune, assistant professor of anthropology in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, discusses her research on the temporomandibular joint and important fossil sites in Romania.

Lynn Jacobs, a Distinguished Professor of art in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, discusses the development of triptychs – paintings that have three panels and are hinged together so they can fold – in Germany during the 15th century.

Jamie Brandon, UA Fayetteville station archeologist and research professor in the Department of Anthropology, explains the Arkansas Archeological Survey and discusses Leetown, an important archeological dig at Pea Ridge National Military Park.

Er-Gene Kahng, graduate chair of violin in the Music Department, discusses her work on the Florence Price Preservation Project, which aims to bring the previously overlooked composer’s works to a wider audience.

Searching for Planet X

Dec 1, 2017

Daniel Whitmire, an instructor in the Department of Mathematics and a retired astrophysicist, discusses his theory for the existence of Planet X.