The Still Growing NWA

Mar 24, 2017

Michael Tilley, from Talk Business and Politics, discusses the numbers indicating northwest Arkansas continues to grow at a fast clip.

Arkansas Suicide Prevention Hotline Bill Heads To Full Senate

Mar 24, 2017

Arkansas’s first non-natural cause of death is by suicide, just slightly ahead of car accidents, and more than twice as often as homicide, according to the  Arkansas Department of Health.

It is also one of two states in the nation without a state suicide hotline. 

Guns Still Discussed by Lawmakers

Mar 24, 2017

A day after a concealed-carry bill was signed into law the Arkansas House passed amendments to that legislation.


Christopher Green teaches law at the University of Mississippi.  He also studies philosophy and says the two disciplines can benefit each other.

On today’s show, is nuclear power’s comeback complete? Arkansas Nuclear One has a 20-year extension. Plus the US Marshals Museum plans to open in Fort Smith in 916 days. Also, the evolution of the past couple of centuries of American legal ethics.

Arkansas Nuclear One, a few miles northwest of Russellville, is among 61 commercial nuclear power facilities in the U.S. operating ninety-nine nuclear fission reactors. Constructed in the late 1970s and currently owned by Entergy, Arkansas Nuclear One operates two pressurized light water reactors with the capacity to generate 1,776 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 355,000 homes and businesses.

The reactors are cooled by water drawn from Lake Dardanelle. Thick white steam rising from the power plant's iconic six-story hyperbolic cement tower is visible for miles. Locals, Russellville Mayor Randy Horton says, divine weather conditions from the plume. 

“In the old days, we would drive to the base of the cooling towers and fish in the hot water discharge stream. It never was threatening, never been scary.”

U.S. Marshals Museum

The president and CEO of the U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith expects site work at the future location of the museum to begin this summer in order for the building to be opened to the public on Sept. 24, 2019. The site work will cost more than originally anticipated, so to stay within the budget the design of the building had to be adjusted.

Northwest Arkansas Continues to Grow

Mar 23, 2017

A Thursday roundup includes new numbers from the US Census Bureau regarding the continued growth for northwest Arkansas' population.

We continue our series of visiting scholar conversations this week with a discussion about the evolution of legal ethics in the United States.  Michael Ariens is writing a book on the subject.

Gauging Bird Flu Effect

Mar 23, 2017

Today's edition of the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report examines concern about bird flu in the southern United States.


Take a Stand for Public Media

The federal investment in public media is roughly one one-hundredth of a percent (0.01%) of the federal budget. The cost of public media per American each year is $1.35.