The global landscape is always ripe for shifts, but after Brexit and the election of President Trump, the changes seem more swift than ever. This spring Klaus Larres, a distinguished professor of history at the University of North Carolina, delivered a lecture about an age of uncertainty on the University of Arkansas campus. During his time here he spoke to Ozarks at Large.

From brunch to past midnight, there are several opportunities to see live music this Saturday.

On today's Ozarks, the Arkansas Supreme Court requests a raise in pay for its justices. And the rise of downtown revivals in Northwest Arkansas.


According to Daniel Hintz, who owns the consulting company Velocity Group, Northwest Arkansas is in the middle of a downtown renaissance that followed 40 years of poor public policy in the U.S. Hintz had once worked for downtown Fayetteville and Downtown Bentonville Inc. and later consulted with Rogers, Springdale and Siloam Springs on their downtown master plans. He discusses what it takes to revitalize a downtown and how those elements fit into what is happening up and down the I-49 corridor.

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Raise Request Causes Conflict

May 23, 2017
Talk Business & Politics

The Arkansas State Supreme Court is seeking an 11 percent pay raise for its justices. That was the subject of a column penned by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette political writer John Brummett this weekend. It was also a topic of discussion during his weekly conversation with Roby Brock from our content partner, Talk Business and Politics.

According to Arkansas Farm Bureau President Randy Veach, more than 600,000 acres of farmland were adversely affected by recent floods. Veach says he expects the nearly $200 million in damage to have an impact on the entire state’s economy.

J. Froelich / KUAF

Chefs at Brightwater, a Northwest Arkansas Community College culinary institute in Bentonville, presented experimental low-sodium, high-nutrient public school cafeteria cuisine to a class of Springdale ninth grade food and nutrition students for sampling.

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Food and the Law

May 23, 2017

Michael Roberts is the Executive Director of the Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy at UCLA (and possesses an LLM for the University of Arkansas School of Law) and says the world of food and law is vast. He was back at the University of Arkansas this spring to teach a course.

Ahead on this edition of OAL, two central Arkansas organizations launch an initiative to address the shortage of nurses in the state. Also, Michael Tilley with Talk Business and Politics gives us an update on recycling in Fort Smith.

Physician assistants don’t have the same level of education as a doctor but do many of the same things, but they're being credited with helping to fill some of the scheduling gaps that have long been a problem in rural Arkansas.

Supporters of the profession say physician assistants can help with writing prescriptions for common illnesses, setting simple fractures and assisting with long-term management for illnesses such as diabetes.  Physician assistants were also the highest level of medical professional to attend the recent executions in Arkansas.


World and Area News

For families spread out across the country, videos and video chats have become a meaningful way to share a baby's first steps, a birthday party or a loved one blowing a kiss.

But for people in prison, rules limiting access to the Internet and cameras can make sharing these moments difficult. In Colorado Springs, an artist came up with a creative solution.

Like many proud parents, Nicole Garrens captured her son Zander's first steps on her cellphone. She wanted to share the video with her husband, Roy, but he recently went to prison in Texas.

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Fourteen years later, Rep. Walter B. Jones still remembers with full clarity the day he started to regret his vote to go to war.

"This is the first funeral I went to that made me started thinking that I made the wrong decision of giving (President George W.) Bush the authority to go into Iraq," said Jones, pointing to a picture of Marine Sgt. Michael Bitz.

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