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Prison reform activist, Morgan Holladay, with the Little Rock nonprofit, Compassion Works for All, is facilitating a free workshop Friday at Wattle Hollow Retreat Center south of Fayetteville. Her teaching is based on letters penned by prison inmates which she will present to providers who work with children and teens struggling with behavioral issues, or who have family that are incarcerated.

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A study from the University of Arkansas shows that exercise may help prevent insulin resistance, a precursor to Type 2 diabetes. Two UA researchers, Megan Rosa-Caldwell and Nicholas Greene, worked on the study and the results were published in June in Experimental Physiology.

There's a lot of music happening during the next week throughout the KUAF listening area, Here is a selection of shows that range in genre and venue; from hard rock at a DIY space to world music and folk in the outdoors.

A Wednesday roundup: the Razorback Greenway may go north of the border and a historic trail at Hobbs State Park is open again after spring flooding.

Can You Spell Chihuahua?

Jul 19, 2017

Our Militant Grammarian, Katherine Shurlds, returns to give us a spelling test She has a list of words we most often ask Google to help us spell.

On today’s show...restoration, preservation and adaptation. In Gravette, a team is working to preserve a historic plane. In Fayetteville, concern over what should be preserved and how. And on stage in the fall at the University of Arkansas: a classic updated...and the same time.


The T-33 that is on display at Field E. Kindley Memorial Park in Gravette is undergoing a restoration under the direction of Gordon Ponsford, who has restored everything from artifacts brought up from the Titanic to Martin Luther King Junior’s bible. The plane is a monument to Field Kindley’s distinguished service as a fighter pilot during WWI.


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The fate of a crumbling historic mansion in downtown Fayetteville is raising concerns and interest in establishing a municipal preservation code. Nearly two dozen Arkansas cities have enacted such ordinances—including Eureka Springs, which, once derelict is today a major heritage tourist destination.

A Tuesday roundup: The Future School in Fort Smith, a Fayetteville company and Governor Asa Hutchinson's re-election campaign all have money.

The University of Arkansas season of theater will have familiar works (presented in a new way), new works, and something completely different.


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Russian, American and French ballet dancers are gathering Thursday night for a bit of cultural diplomacy at New York City's Lincoln Center. They're celebrating the 50th anniversary of George Balanchine's masterpiece Jewels, considered the first full-length, nonnarrative ballet.

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There was a time when Google Glass was deemed the future — one in which people might walk the streets wearing a glass tab over one eye to display information beamed from their smartphones. But after criticism and safety concerns, the idea was killed as a consumer project.

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