This year, 850 volunteers will give tens of thousands of hours of their time to help the 11th annual Walmart NWA Championship run smoothly. This weekend, 144 golfers will be competing for $2 million in prize money during the three-day, 54-hole stroke play competition.

A Thursday roundup: Senator Tom Cotton in Senate hearings, Governor Hutchinson on business travel, Springdale earns award.

Hugh Kincaid Talks Third Retirement

Jun 22, 2017

Hugh Kincaid is a fixture in Fayetteville, championing civic efforts. As part of this week's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report, he talks about his latest retirement and what's next.

Probably an Amphibian

Jun 22, 2017

There is no consensus regarding our semi-mystery sound. But all votes point to some kind of amphibian.

The monthly Last Saturday Variety Show in Fayetteville includes poetry, music, performance, comedy and catfish. With no stops.

On today’s show: trying to understand what any change in policy toward Cuba might mean for Arkansas agriculture. Plus, the city of Springdale asks residents for guidance for future plans when it comes to spaces. And we have live music suggestions for almost every night for the next seven nights.

When the Obama administration announced a policy in 2014 that loosened sanctions on travel to Cuba, Arkansas trade leaders jumped at the potential opportunity to trade with the island nation. The immense interest, which led Arkansas to send several delegations to Cuba, has to do with the Natural State's production of rice and poultry, which are staples of the Cuban diet. Now, President Donald Trump announced a reversal on some of the Obama administration's policies toward Cuba taking a tougher stance toward the communist nation.

J. Froelich / KUAF

A crowd of enthusiastic Springdale downtown residents gathered to discuss culturally sensitive ecological improvements to the downtown corridor's green space, part of the city's ambitious downtown 2015 Master Plan. The meeting was facilitated by the Springdale Downtown Alliance, with landscape architects from the Ecological Design Group laying out groundwork concepts for stakeholder discussion. Mayor Doug Sprouse, who's guided and supported the downtown master planning process, was also on hand.

Political Summer

Jun 21, 2017

Rex Nelson, with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, talks to Roby Brock with our partner Talk Business and Politics, about the latest surrounding GIF money and highway funding.

Abortion Battle Lawsuit

Jun 21, 2017

A Wednesday roundup: a lawsuit challenges new Arkansas laws about abortion, update expected on SEFOR and the Naturals keep winning.


World and Area News

Senate Republicans have little margin for error as they prepare for a vote this coming week on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Some lawmakers are already raising concern that the bill could aggravate the problem of healthy people going without insurance, driving up costs for everyone else.

Snakebites kill more than 100,000 people per year, the World Health Organization estimates. The organization recently took a step to reduce that number by adding venomous snake bites to its list of neglected tropical diseases – a classification that could help get more resources allocated to fighting this public health problem.

(WHO did acknowledge that snakebites aren't a disease but "an injury" but the "envenoming" — the injection of the snake's venom — can be considered a disease.)

Welcome to this week's edition of our national education news roundup.

DeVos appoints current student loan company CEO to head student loan agency

Wayne A. Johnson will be the new head of Federal Student Aid after James Runcie abruptly resigned last month, the U.S. Department of Education announced this week. FSA is the agency responsible for administering $1.4 trillion in outstanding student loans from 42 million borrowers, plus other aid programs for millions of college students.

He brooded, as Lincoln.

He seduced in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. And he murdered, in There Will Be Blood.

This week, Daniel Day-Lewis — a three-time Oscar winner, and incomparable film chameleon — announced he is retiring from acting at 60.

A statement released by his spokeswoman gave no explanation, saying this is a private decision, and that Day-Lewis will have no further comment.

The actor has often taken lengthy sabbaticals between films, but this time it's apparently permanent.

So what will he be doing?

More than 140 people may be buried after a landslide in the town of Xinmo in southwest China Saturday.

Local officials are estimating 46 homes were buried under tons of rubble.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports that at least three people had been rescued and taken to a hospital with injuries it said were not life-threatening.

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