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Looking Ahead in Fort Smith

11 minutes ago

Michael Tilley, from Talk Business and Politics, joins us a day early this week to discuss how traffic, education and art are playing a role in Fort Smith's future.

UALR Football?

Jul 18, 2017
Talk Business and Politics

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is considering adding football. Not everybody, including John Brummett, thinks that is a good idea.

Arkansas and Health

Jul 17, 2017

As the national discussion over a health plan continues, Dr. Joe Thompson with the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement considers what's best for Arkansas. Roby Brock, from our content partner Talk Business and Politics, has more.

Michael Tilley from Talk Business and Politics discusses Civil Commission strife, home sales and The Unexpected festival of art in Fort Smith.

Assessing Political Momentum

Jul 11, 2017

John Brummett, a political writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, discusses international relations, health care and violence in Little Rock with Roby Brock from our partner Talk Business and Politics.