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Bentonville Makes Big Population Gains

May 26, 2017

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau suggests cities in northwest Arkansas continue to grow at a steady pace, and the city of Fort Smith continues to seek solutions for its troubled city-wide recycling program. Michael Tilley of Talk Business and Politics has more.

Lt. Governor Tim Griffin is a former Congressman and U.S. attorney who worked on a special counsel case involving Clinton Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros. He recently joined Roby Brock from our content partner Talk Business and Politics for a unique perspective on what’s going on in Washington D.C.

Randy Veach, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau, tells Talk Business and Politics' Roby Brock that several Arkansas crops have been devastated by recent floods.

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Raise Request Causes Conflict

May 23, 2017
Talk Business & Politics

The Arkansas State Supreme Court is seeking an 11 percent pay raise for its justices. That was the subject of a column penned by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette political writer John Brummett this weekend. It was also a topic of discussion during his weekly conversation with Roby Brock from our content partner, Talk Business and Politics.

Recycling Woes Continue

May 22, 2017

Michael Tilley with Talk Business & Politics updates us on the latest developments on the disposal of recyclables in the Fort Smith landfill.