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A study from the University of Arkansas shows that exercise may help prevent insulin resistance, a precursor to Type 2 diabetes. Two UA researchers, Megan Rosa-Caldwell and Nicholas Greene, worked on the study and the results were published in June in Experimental Physiology.

This week Caitlin Ahrens - The Pluto Manager - describes what CUBESATS are and how they can help in space exploration.

courtesy / University of Arkansas

Each human cell contains about three meters, or nearly ten feet, of DNA. To contain all of that genetic material, our cells wrap the DNA around certain proteins in an organized fashion, and when our cells need to access that genetic material, a process called protein acetylation occurs to unpack some of that genetic material. But protein acetylation isn’t limited to DNA. One University of Arkansas researcher is studying the process, and it could result in better tasting beer and even stress-resistant crops.

Community Spotlight - March for Science

Apr 17, 2017

March for Science NWA is a nonpartisan march taking place on April 22nd to support science in Northwest Arkansas.  The march will begin at 10am on Earth Day at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  Several guest speakers will discuss the impact scientific research has on our society at the end of the march.

Zachary Renfro and Brayley Gattis, co-organizers of this event, speak about the role of science in our daily lives.

courtesy / University of Arkansas university relations

A new study followed workers for a week to see how acts of incivility, like sarcasm or put-downs, could affect the likelihood of other acts of incivility occurring within the work environment. We speak with Chris Rosen, the report's author and a professor of Management in the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.