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On today's edition of Ozarks, the state of Arkansas executes its first inmate in over a decade. Plus, U of A students organize a March for Science. 

On today’s edition of Ozarks, the transition from planned community to city continues for Bella Vista. And we’ll spend time in the Ozark National Forest searching for the unusual crossbill.


On today's edition of Ozarks, a conversation with Fresh Air guest host and TV critic David Bianculli. Also, the latest regarding executions in Arkansas.

On today's edition of Ozarks, two members of the Arkansas House of Representatives explain their different opinions regarding the death penalty. Plus, the city of Fayetteville begins development of a new energy plan.

Ahead on this edition of Ozarks, a preview of the upcoming Huge Lightning Comedy Festival.  Plus, details on Fort Smith's plans to spend millions on trails.