Handmade Moments Back

Sep 15, 2017

The duo Handmade Moments, Anna Moss and Joel Ludford, are back in northwest Arkansas to play music. They give us a preview of their sets scheduled for Pesto fest tomorrow and Stage 18 later this month.

courtesy: Elk River Sessions

Last week we met Aaron “Catfish” Antilla, a bartender from Denton, Texas. He was traveling with 20 musicians to a southwest Missouri cabin to write and record an album. Proceeds from the project, dubbed the Elk River Sessions, will benefit a friend with Multiple Sclerosis. During their trip, the stop by the Carver Center for Public Radio and we'll continue that conversation today.

courtesy: Elk River Sessions

Last weekend, 20 musicians from Denton, Texas traveled to a cabin along the Elk River to write and record an album. Denton Film Company is recording the project and will later produce a documentary. Proceeds from the album will benefit a woman with MS.

courtesy: Dylan Earl

Dylan Earl will release on Sept. 5 his new, full-length album, titled "New Country to Be." He recently joined us to talk about the new release, and we hear a debut of two tracks from the album; "Draw the Line" and "Where She Woke Up (On Mornings With Me)."

courtesy photo

Trouble in the Streets is an Austin-based trio who plays a unique blend of music to create a genre they call Electro Tribe. The group will perform at Quantum Flux in Conway Sept. 8 and at MoLove Festival in St. Louis Sept. 9.