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For their new 10-song album, The Boss Tweeds recorded at the historic Sun Studio in Memphis. "After the Sun Goes Down" is available now and the trio will host a pair of CD release parties this weekend.

Bobby Bridger is a musician, artist, storyteller and more. When he was in northwest Arkansas recently he discussed his unusual career with us.

Bobby Bridger has been traveling, writing, singing and painting for decades. Tomorrow he has a free show (limited seating, reservations required) at the Museum of Native American History . This morning he talked to us about his show, Lakota and more.

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An escape tone is a music theory term. It’s also the name of a Fort Smith-based jazz-fusion trio. Escape Tones typically perform in the River Valley, but the group has Northwest Arkansas concerts scheduled in December and January.

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Brandon Luedtke released his first EP, simply titled "A Self-Titled EP" in 2014. Now he has a forthcoming 12-track album that is an expansion of the sparsely arranged but full-sounding fingerstyle folk music that characterized that release. On a recent trip to Fayetteville, Luedtke stopped by the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio to talk with us about his music, and to give us a sampling of what to expect on the new album.