Firmin-Garner Performance Studio

Courtesy: Scott Munster, Pat Ryan Key

It’s been over two years since we’ve had local musician Pat Ryan Key in the studio. In that time, he’s battled cancer, gotten married and started a new band. Yesterday, he stopped by the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio with his bandmates Al Halpin and Zach Quam to perform their brand new single “Loves Her Rum.”


Two years ago, Anna Horton and Joel Ludford were in a car accident that left them with a totaled bus and broken bones. Now, the duo Handmade Moments is making May 21 a positive day by releasing a new album, Paw Paw Tree.

Arkansauce and National Park Radio will perform May 5 at George’s Majestic Lounge. Earlier this week, the four members of Arkansauce, as well as two members of National Park Radio, stopped by the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio to give us a preview of the concert.


Local singer-songwriters Magnolia and John Charles, the stage names for Meredith Kimbrough and Kris Mastin respectively, will perform Saturday night at Dickson Street Pub in Fayetteville. We sit down with them prior to the show to get a preview of their music.

John Charles and Magnolia, Kris Mastin and Meredith Kimbrough respectively, will perform on a joint bill this weekend at Dickson Street Pub in Fayetteville. We get a small preview.