classical guitar

Heavyweight classical guitarist Sharon Isbin explores how the Spanish guitar tradition grew from its humble beginnings to become an iconic part of the musical landscape in her latest release, "Alma Espanola." 

A collaboration with vocalist Isabel Leonard, "Alma Espanola" documents the Spanish tradition of cante jondo  or "deep song," in which the very landscape of the country is manifested in the music- whose genesis can be found in the Spanish tradition of wandering balladeers, who would sing and play guitar to no accompaniment.

The title of Julien Labro and Jason Vieaux's album Infusions evokes images of cross-cultural osmosis, the blurring of the lines between the colloquial and the quintessentially modern, and the day-glo rhythms of jazz fusion's '70s heyday. The story of its inception is no different.

 Chamber ensemble Manhattan Camerata explores what they've deemed "transclassical" music, which melds classical traditions with cultural elements of the wide world of international sounds. In the case of their new release, the Tango Fado Project, that means fusing Argentine Tango with Portuguese Fado for an irresistible sound fusing bandeon with Portuguese guitar. Hear highlights on Wednesday's program at 11 a.m.

When classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic tackled the Beatles in his latest release Blackbird he describes the experience "as if I was exploring an alter ego I never knew I had." Karadaglic renders hits such as "Let It Be" and "Eleanor Rigby" with finesse a lot of collaboration. Find out more with highlights from the recording on Wednesday's program.

 Astor Piazzolla's  "Histoire du Tango" is a delight performed by Patrick Gallois, flute, and Göran Söllscher, guitar. Catch it on Tuesday's Of Note with Katy Henriksen.