Get your spook on with handpicked macabre classical from myself plus listener picks for their favorite spooky classical! Hear this very special edition via the on-demand streaming links only up for a limited time. We've got old favorites like orchestrations from Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain" and J. S. Bach's Stokowski arrangement of Tocatta and Fugue in D minor plus listener picks from Kronos Quartet and more. It wouldn't truly be a well-rounded spooky set without a little Bernard Hermann thrown in, now would it?

Storybook Strings is a string quartet that transforms childrens' books via string quartet and narration. This brainchild of violinist Elizabeth Lyon performs at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Wednesday afternoon as part of their Winter Break Wonders programming. Tune in to Tuesday's program for an in-studio performance and interview with the energizing ensemble. 

Violinist Itamar Zorman's recent release Portrait culminates from a live performance in Frankfurt and combines his love of Schubert and Brahms with 20th-century works from titans Hindemith and Messiaen.“I believe very strongly in the repertoire of the 20th century and what it has to say to people,” he tells Of Note's Katy Henriksen. Find out more about how this compelling project came together in this interview with the artist.

Composer Virgil Thomson deftly scores a documentary film about the Dustbowl, a Farm Services Administration funded film by Pare Lorentz called The Plow That Broke the Plains. Hear a recording from the Philharmonia Virtuosi on Monday's Labor Day edition of Of Note.

Pablo Heras-Casado’s latest release features a number of stunning choral works. The liner notes are appropriately titled “On Love, Passion, and Humanity.” In them, Sören Ingwersen elaborates on this theme: “The profoundly human aspect of these works and their touching intimacy can be explained not least by reference to the background against which they were written. […] the nine motets included [here] were written for close friends and acquaintances.