artist's laboratory theatre

A Play on the Move

May 16, 2018
courtesy: Artist's Laboratory Theatre

The Artist's Laboratory Theatre produces site-specific work. Their next offering will tour south Fayetteville on a bus. We find out how the play will evolve and what the creators want beyond the production.

courtesy / The Artists Laboratory Theatre

Next month, seven of the people buried at Fayetteville's Evergreen Cemetery will have their stories told once again.

A. Grajeda / KUAF

Artist's Laboratory Theater is developing a walking tour that reimagines the history and legacy of downtown Arkansas. The theater company is having a test run of "Secret Life of Downtown Fayetteville" Sunday afternoon. 

MUSIC: "Chicken Quarter Dark" Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile

Locally produced program, Sunday Night Service, will begin airing on the FM signal of KUAF on April 5. Produced by the Artist Laboratory Theatre and recorded live at Maxine's Tap Room in downtown Fayetteville, the half-hour variety program has been on KUAF 3, an HD signal of talk and news, for about six months. The program has two different formats - "Singled Out", an interview and performance of a band of musicians and the "All You Need to Know Show," a variety program focusing on one topic with storytelling and live music.

Growing Corn in a Digital World

Sep 28, 2014

Artist’s Laboratory Theatre’s latest site-specific production is, perhaps, a bit of a juxtaposition.  The Now Now 2.0, which takes place among rows of vegetables at Tri Cycle Farms, looks at a society graced with constant access to information.   Performances are scheduled for Oct. 2-5.