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"Of Note" with Katy Henriksen is an hour devoted to classical recordings of note, as well as classical music and fine arts events of note in the listening area. Tune in Monday through Friday from 11 to noon on KUAF 91.3 FM and 6 p.m. weeknights on KUAF-2 for the best classical recordings, as well as engaging interviews with musicians, conductors and performers.

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American cellist Alisa Weilerstein’s latest release explores the range of the cello as a solo voice through the works of renowned composers from around the world. On Wednesday’s program, tune in for a glimpse of this artist’s vast talents as she undertakes Gaspar Cassadó’s deeply moving “Suite for Cello.”   

Some of Joseph Haydn’s most interesting works are those written for baryton, a little-known instrument with six strings and a very wide, hollow neck which contains nine or ten brass or steel strings that may either be plucked or left to sympathetically vibrate while the principal strings are played. It was one of the favorite instruments of Mozart’s father, Leopold, who likened its sound to the “soft humming of bees.” Tune in to Tuesday’s show as we explore Haydn’s Baryton Divertimenti and the beautiful sounds of this intriguing instrument.

Pianist Valentina Lisitsa’s latest recording features delivers red-hot performances of études by Schumann and Chopin, pieces known for their intricate detail and grandeur. On Monday’s show, discover Lisitsa’s dizzying agility and flair as we bring you highlights from this astonishingly gorgeous recording.   

The University of Arkansas unveils the new Faulkner Performing Arts Center today in a grand opening concert tonight that includes a world premier fanfare written for the occasion. This state of the art facility features “tunable acoustics” with the ability to accommodate the needs of any performance. Katy Henriksen learns the details with Ronda Mains, music department chair. Find out more on today’s program.

Stacy Garrop’s 4th string quartet “Illuminations” follows the narrative arc of a reader as he or she reflects on the pages of an early 15th century prayer book and includes titles such as “Singing Angels” and “Mouth of Hell.” Join us for this infinitely interesting exploration of spirituality as performed by the Avalon String Quartet on Thursday’s show.