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Catch two hours of compelling classical music with your host Katy Henriksen Sunday through Thursday evenings from 8 to 10 p.m. only here on KUAF. Henriksen brings classical music into the 21st century by handpicking the most vital recordings of today alongside groundbreaking historic releases while bringing insight into the world of classical music today through feature interviews with composers, musicians, conductors and all the people who make this riveting world possible.

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University of Arkansas Department of Theatre

Although Aristophanes wrote his Greek comedy Lysistrata 2,500 years ago, this classic tale of gender wars remains eerily relevant. Find out more about the University of Arkansas Department of Theatre's 21st Century update in my conversation with director Morgan Hicks. Hint: it involves pop, country, and rap hits. The UA Theatre department adaptation opens Friday, Feb. 17 with shows through Sunday, Feb. 26.

Violinist Filip Pogady brings his "lightning-like virtuosity" to Northwest Arkansas in a performance of Tchaikovsky's violin concerto with the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) this weekend.

"It's dripping with emotions," Pogady explains on the technically difficult yet utterly transfixing concerto. "You go through all of the emotions a human being is able to have."

Sophia-Odelia Bauer

Thanks to this new feature there are at least 12 hours worth in Of Note episodes available at all times. Listen to the latest in handpicked compelling classical via on-demand streams of Of Note episodes right here.

Danish Symphonic Brooding ala Carl Nielsen Edition:

Modernist Lush & Postmodern Violin Concerto Edition:

Modernist Lush + Postmodern Klezmer-Inspired Violin Concertos Edition:

Brahms Sextet Live Studio Audience Edition:

Mark Battrell

Towering Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera helped harpist Yolanda Kondonassis determine, "I think I can do this harp thing my way."

When she first glanced at the score to his famed harp concerto she was excited at the pianistic nature and spirit of the electrifying piece, as her first love as a musician was on the piano.

Katy Henriksen

This year's Eddie Wade Jones Black Music Symposium celebrates the genres of jazz, blues, soul and rock. Ahead of this year's four day symposium, which kicks off today and runs through Saturday, February 4, members of the Inspirational Chorale led by Jeffrey Murdock, a University of Arkansas music professor and organizer for the annual celebration of black music, perform a tune popularized by Take 6 and discuss this year's festivities.