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Catch two hours of compelling classical music with your host Katy Henriksen Sunday through Thursday evenings from 8 to 10 p.m. only here on KUAF. Henriksen brings classical music into the 21st century by handpicking the most vital recordings of today alongside groundbreaking historic releases while bringing insight into the world of classical music today through feature interviews with composers, musicians, conductors and all the people who make this riveting world possible.

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The 21st century's "concurrent abundance and scarcity" proves a deep well for artistic exploration in 'Labor&Materials,' the latest exhibition hosted by 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, offering blazing color, knowing kitsch, and a deep ambivalence towards a world in flux. 

Monica Jordan of Paper & Wood Co.

Nearly lost works by Arkansas-born composer Florence Price (1887-1953) are being brought to modern ears this month thanks to efforts of  ​Er-Gene Kahng, violinist and music professor at the University of Arkansas.

Christina Pluhar and her seasoned L'Arpeggiata Ensemble bring one of the great "rock stars" of his time, George Frideric Handel, into a vibrantly modern soundscape with an album that bridges classical, jazz and world music. 

The title of  Handel Goes Wild refers both to Handel's own storied reputation and L'Arpeggiata's freewheeling approach.

"I'm sure he was a very amazing person, and you can hear it in his music," says Pluhar.

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Mutant compositions, broken echoes, and the sound left after the end of the world- these are some of the inspiring forces behind New York-based composer Scott Wollschleger's new album Soft Aberration. In a discussion of his latest work with Of Note's Katy Henriksen, Wollschleger explained the important role that white noise fills on the album, as well as his definition of "brontal," the constructed appellation that guides Wollschleger's creative process.

The 2018 Black Music Symposium from the University of Arkansas Music Department is billed “Shaping American Music.” The symposium, which kicked off yesterday and runs through Friday night at the Faulkner Performing Arts Center (FPAC) looks at blues music and features American masters Lee Finkelstein and Bobby Harden.