Underground Professor Researches Karst Aquifers

Sep 27, 2015


(left) University of Arkansas Department of Geosciences Assistant Professor Matt Covington (right) talks with grad students, Holly Young (left) and Josue Rodriquez (center) as they gear up to enter Blowing Springs Cave in Bella Vista. (right) Dr. Covington and Josue Rodriquez measure carbon dioxide at the main data logging station inside the cave.
Credit Evan Thaler, Jacqueline Froelich

Matt Covington is a speleophysicist—a rare hybrid of scientist, who is researching karst aquifers.

He’s also an expedition caver, questing to explore the Earth’s deepest caves. Dr. Covington, an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas, and several of his grad students, take us deep into Blowing Springs Cave in northern Benton County, where Covington operates a field research station.

A note of thanks to the Bella Vista Property Owners Association for allowing us access into Blowing Springs Cave--and to Evan Thaler for assisting Jacqueline Froelich in this radio expedition.