Live Symphony Sounds Inside the Bar: Artosphere Orchestra Goes Off the Grid

May 17, 2017

This Thursday evening,  frequenters to bars and restaurants throughout downtown Fayetteville will encounter a pleasant diversion- a series of live pop-up shows from the Artosphere Festival Orchestra. Starting at 7 PM, the AFO will tour venues from one end of Dickson Street to the next, bringing a personal and relaxed touch of classical to the city's nightlife late into the night.

"It's sort of tearing down those walls of what you might think is a normal way of presenting classical music," said Carl Larson, an AFO violist and coordinator of these pop-ups throughout the night. These casual concerts conclude at Smoke & Barrel with a conducted symphony, which we've been told is likely going to be Mozart this year. 

Though the setting is unusual, the element of surprise is a large part of the appeal. "It's great to have people walk in and think, what is this, am I hearing Mozart in a bar? And a lot of times, they like it."