'Final Thoughts' are Most Personal on Solo Piano Album

Nov 17, 2017

Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio's takes on the dramatically personal late piano works of Brahms and Schubert in his latest two-disc recording for Cedille.

In "Final Thoughts" he tackles life, death and art through the final piano works from Brahms and Schubert. 

"In these 20 pieces that [Brahms] wrote, it's at his most personal, and most touching," Osorio says. "The dynamics, like piano and pianissimo, [of] Schubert is so poignant as well."

Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio's seventh release with Cedille Records explores Schubert and Brahms at their most personal.

"What was in his mind to write 20 pieces, which are so dramatic and so personal and so touching in many ways that you don't always encounter in his music?" he asks.

Henriksen wondered if Osorio's approach was any different when approaching solo works, of which all of "Final Thoughts" are, as opposed to chamber or works with orchestra.

"For me, it's all music," he says. "Maybe when you do chamber music there is more discussing about things, then hopefully something good comes, something creative." 

Listen to Osorio's full interview with Of Note's Katy Henriksen via the streaming link above.