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On today’s show a man who knows what its like to help execute a prisoner; we continue our discussions about the death penalty as Arkansas prepares to resume capital punishment next week. Plus, a new report places the Buffalo River on a list of endangered waterways, and our Militant Grammarian offers sympathy for those confused by the rules involved with the English language.

photo courtesy: Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Between 1982 and 1999, Jerry Givens executed more than 60 death row inmates for the state of Virginia. He also knows what it is like to be an inmate himself. Now, Givens is publicly against the death penalty and is urging Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson to reconsider a plan to execute seven inmates in 10 days for the sake of the people who will be carrying out the executions.

On today's program, we learn about a new feral swine control law in Arkansas aimed at curbing the prevalence of the pests in the state. We also hear what researchers in Boston discovered about vaccine compliance in northwest Arkansas following last year's mumps outbreak.

courtesy / The Lancet

The April issue of "The Lancet" includes a study conducted by researchers in Boston about the mumps outbreak in Northwest Arkansas and what it shows about the rate of vaccine compliance in the area. The researchers used local news media reports in their study and found the rate of vaccine compliance is much lower than it should be for a communicable, but preventable disease like mumps.

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On today’s show, we continue our examination of how health care shapes people's lives. We also continue to consider capital punishment as Arkansas prepares for eight executions. We’ll hear from one of the three living men to be governor during an execution. And the city of Fayetteville continues with a new logo and brand. We learn about the new identity of Experience Fayetteville and more.