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The Center for Art and Education in Van Buren is in the middle of a fundraising campaign to pay for the work they have in store for their new location on Main Street in the city's downtown where revitalization efforts are underway.

On today’s show, northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith end up at different places on a new poll about well-being. Plus John Brummett from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette remembers the late Jimmy Breslin, and a weekend voice on KUAF, Sean Hickey, explains why his voice is heard elsewhere, too.

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This month, Gallup and Healthways released their 2015-2016 community well-being rankings. Northwest Arkansas was 29th on the list. The Fort Smith metro area was 189th out of 189 communities. The two regions are about an hour drive apart. Governor Asa Hutchinson, who has called both areas home, Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders and the interim CEO of the NWA Council weigh in on the results. For the rankings, click here.

On today's program, we learn what insects are good for a garden. Also, a look at bees: both how to get a surprise swarm of the bugs out of one's yard and a look at why bees are vanishing.

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Megan Lankford, the lead horticulturalist at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, talks about the kind of insects you want in your garden and how to get them to stay throughout their entire lifecycles.