Timothy Dennis

Ozarks at Large Producer, KUAF Technical Director

Timothy is a life-long Arkansan; he grew up in the hills outside of Winslow and has lived in Fort Smith, Rogers and Fayetteville.  As a budding musician in his formative years, he became enthralled with recording technology, which carried over into his collegiate studies of print and multimedia journalism at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Upon receiving his B.A. in journalism in 2011, Timothy immediately began working as a freelance reporter and photographer for the Washington County Observer in West Fork, Winslow and Greenland. It wasn't long before he eschewed the newspaper business for radio and began working full-time as an announcer and news programmer for KURM AM/FM in Rogers.

After working for about a year in radio, Timothy was recruited to join the staff of KUAF in late 2012 as a Web producer and reporter for Ozarks at Large, generating stories for the local newscast at the top of the show as well as feature-length stories. Since then, he has worked with the operations staff on strategic technical planning. Outside of his work for the station though, Timothy has also done some freelance work. Most notably, he helped produce a piece for a collaboration between American Public Media's Marketplace and the New York Times in early 2014.

Ways to Connect

There's more than just blues to the annual motorcycle rally in Fayetteville. We hear about some of the musical options beginning tonight on Dickson Street, and we get a couple of options that are not part of the festival.

University of Arkansas

Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz discussed enrollment, budgets and academics during a State of the University address this morning.

Winfest, Pesto Fest and the Cane Springs Harvest Festival will all offer live music this weekend. We have details about some other standalone shows as well.

Blues, light rock, hard rock, folk, jazz and more are all on the musical menu this weekend.

If you're looking for music this weekend, you can catch Willi Carlisle, The Squarshers, or Justin Caleb Driggers for free, or you can pay a little and see Youth Pastor or The Theta Theorem, Drawing Blanks, and more.