Robert Ginsburg

KUAF host of "Shades of Jazz"

Robert Ginsburg has lived in Fayetteville with his wife, Susan Jenkins, since 1976. He was born in St. Louis Missouri and graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Structural Design.

In 1979 he began producing a jazz radio show at University of Arkansas radio station KUAF. The program, Shades of Jazz, airs on Friday and Saturday nights from at 10:00 PM to midnight.

In 1991 Ginsburg was recruited as a member of a steering committee to help bring focus and direction to the emerging Walton Arts Center. He has assisted in booking and directing jazz activities at Walton Arts Center and serves as their jazz curator.

In 1992 Robert founded the Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society (, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to “…present, promote and preserve and celebrate jazz music in all of its forms.” For the past twenty two years the NAJS has brought world-class jazz musicians to N.W. Arkansas, created a scholarship program for music students wishing to further pursue their jazz education, and has sponsored a Summer Jazz Concert series which features regional and international artists in concerts together. Mr. Ginsburg has served as Executive Director of the NAJS since its inception.

Beginning in March, 2014 Ginsburg took on a new role as Front of House Manager for the new Walmart Amp, the 10,400 seat outdoor music pavilion in Roger Ark.

Ways to Connect

Robert Ginsburg, from the Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society, says the next few days include jazz inside and outside.  

As Jazz Appreciation Month rolls on, Robert Ginsburg explains the music has never had more solid footing in the region than it does now.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, and we ask the host of Shades of Jazz on KUAF to alert us to what's happening locally.

Ahead today, we travel back to early 2016 when OAL’s TD spent part of an afternoon in the kitchen with Maudie Schmidt at Cafe Rue Orleans, making gumbo. It was his favorite story he produced this year and we’ll hear why he liked it so much. And Robert Ginsburg will be in the Anthony and Susan Hui News Studio to give us his list of favorite jazz from the previous 12 months.

2016 in Jazz

Dec 26, 2016

Robert Ginsburg, host of Shades of Jazz on KUAF, made selections of some of his favorite jazz in the year. The list:

  • John Beasley, MONK'estra Volume I
  • Catherine Russell, Harlem on My Mind
  • Ari Hoenig, The Pauper & the Magician
  • Corey Christiansen, Factory Girl
  • the soundtrack to Miles Ahead
  • Wolfgang Muthspiel, Rising Grace.