Jacqueline Froelich

KUAF Reporter, "Ozarks at Large" and NPR Correspondent

Jacqueline Froelich is an investigative journalist and has been a news producer for KUAF National Public Radio since 1998. She covers politics, the environment, energy, business, education, history, race and culture. Her radio segments have been nationally syndicated. She is also a station-based national correspondent for NPR in Washington DC., and recipient of eight national and state broadcast awards. 

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J. Froelich / KUAF

For much of her young life, Itto Outini, a native of Morocco, was homeless, illiterate -- and blind. Today she is a Fulbright Scholar enrolled at the University of Arkansas who, along with her white walking cane, carries an altruistic vision.

courtesy: Danielle Weatherby

The evolution of the 1960s free speech movement has taken an extreme turn, says University of Arkansas associate law professor Danielle Weatherby. She's coauthored a forthcoming Florida Law Review article titled "Speech Narcisissm," which examines impairment of free speech along a spectrum, from the shunning of political correctness by the Trump administration to university student exceptionalism.

Sending children to the principal's office has long been a traditional punishment for unruly students. But Principal Michelle Hutton at Elmdale Elementary in Springdale offers safe haven where children can talk about what's troubling them, including traumatic events.

Elmdale faculty and staff have partnered with Ozark Guidance, a regional community mental health center, to learn how to assess students struggling with trauma to provide them proper help.

courtesy: Kevin Cheri

Buffalo National River Superintendent Kevin Cheri, declared by U.S. National Park Service as an exceptional leader, is retiring after 43 years of service. Cheri is also a historic cultural figure, among the first African-American park rangers and superintendents to serve within the National Park System. We conduct an exit interview with Cheri, in honor of his legacy.

J. Froelich / KUAF

More than a dozen Arkansas civil rights DREAMers descended on Washington D.C., earlier this month, joining a national protest and engaging in civil disobedience to raise awareness in Congress about the critical need for comprehensive immigration reform and institutionalizing DACA. We hear from two activists, with Arkansas United Community Coalition, based at the NWA Immigrant Resource Center in Springdale.