Antoinette Grajeda

KUAF host and contributor of "Ozarks at Large"

Antoinette Grajeda is a news producer for Ozarks at Large. She began her professional career as a print journalist in 2007 and joined the KUAF staff in 2009. She earned a B.A. in Journalism and in Spanish from the University of Arkansas. Since 2007, Antoinette has participated in the NWA Gridiron Show, which raises money for scholarships. She has also volunteered with the Lemke Journalism Project since 2008. This six-week program teaches high school students about different aspects of journalism. Antoinette lives in Rogers.

Ways to Connect

The 2nd annual Huge Lightning Comedy Festival will take place April 20-22 at The Path Outfitters in downtown Fayetteville. Local comedians as well as performers from Chicago and Kansas City will participate in this year's event.  

On today’s show, we continue our examination of how health care shapes people's lives. We also continue to consider capital punishment as Arkansas prepares for eight executions. We’ll hear from one of the three living men to be governor during an execution. And the city of Fayetteville continues with a new logo and brand. We learn about the new identity of Experience Fayetteville and more.

As we continue our look at the complexity of health care, today we hear from another mother of four from Washington County. Jennifer Dykes is having a positive experience with health insurance and says the passage of the Affordable Care Act was a blessing for her.

On today’s show, while the formal debate over the Affordable Care Act is on pause, at least, in Washington, people are still affected. We begin a two-part series emphasizing the complicated nature of national health care. Plus John Brummett takes a moment to reflect and the good and the bad of the 91st Arkansas General Assembly.

The complexity of health care is one factor that makes tweaking the Affordable Care Act so challenging. The same law can benefit one person while making a situation more difficult for someone else. Today we begin a two-part series featuring two women discussing their experiences with health care. Both are mothers of four who live in Washington County; however, one greatly benefited from the passage of the Affordable Care Act, while the other is struggling to pay rising premiums. We hear first from Valerie Harris.

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