Arkansans Weigh in on Healthcare

Jul 25, 2017
Talk Business and Politics

A new poll suggests many Arkansas voters are unsure of efforts to alter the Affordable Care Act. John Brummett, from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette talks about the matter with Roby Brock from our partner Talk Business and Politics.

We meet a couple from Bentonville who hosted a Muslim teenager as an exchange student during last year's election.

Don't Not Miss the Militant Grammarian

Jul 25, 2017

Our Militant Grammarian takes on double negatives.

MUSIC: "Ain't No Stopping us Now" McFadden and Whitehead

Axiom Brass

Axiom Brass wants to crush the stereotype that their instrument family is only bombastic. The quintet plays with precision and expressiveness while redefining the idea of brass chamber music.  

"I think a lot of people know brass instruments for being able to play loud and powerfully," explains Mary Tyler, trombonist in the ensemble. "I don't think a lot of people have heard brass instruments play on the softer side or with a lot of finesse."

On today’s show, a big decision for a small dam in Benton County. Plus, Pete Seeger’s life as a musician, environmentalist and social activist is explored in a special exhibit at Tulsa’s Woody Guthrie Center; and Gerald Sloan’s memoir in verse.