Bob Dorough, who wrote many of the classic Schoolhouse Rock! songs like "Three is a Magic Number," died yesterday at age 94. We listen to part of the Arkansas native's visit to Fayetteville in 2013 when he watched performers 80 years younger sing his songs.

MUSIC: "Three is a Magic Number" Bob Dorough

courtesy: Casey Brewster and Chris Fischer

University of Arkansas Ph.D. Biology Candidate Casey Brewster spends his summers on remnant Ozark glades monitoring the elusive and rare Eastern Collared Lizard. Brewster will lead a Collared Lizard expedition at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 5 during a public hike at Lake Leatherwood Park, where several isolated colonies are documented.

The Case for Bringing Back Extinct Words

Apr 24, 2018

Our Militant Grammarian Katherine Shurlds brings us a list of words no longer used much (or at all) that she suggests should be brought back from extinction.

This week's KUAF Vinyl Hour will mark the second anniversary of the death of Prince with a Prince-only program. The show can be heard at 5 p.m. Sunday on KUAF3 . Leigh Wood, the host of the KUAF Vinyl Hour, offers a preview, and asks for help with an upcoming edition of the show.

In the '90s, an industry  boom in Northwest Arkansas drew large numbers of Latinos to the area.  During that time a group of women, mostly Hispanic, joined together to encourage cross-cultural participation. Today, half of the State's Latino population resides in Northwest Arkansas and The Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas continues to advocate for community engagement.