We speak with the director of Fayetteville Virtual Academy about the new online educational choice for students in Fayetteville and northwest Arkansas. We also learn about a local business that makes crafting bags that are sold around the world.

Fayetteville Virtual Academy, a part of Fayetteville Public Schools, will open later this year with 100 students in grades four through eight. But those students won't be studying reading, writing and arithmetic in the traditional classroom setting. Instead, core classes will be delivered online and augmented with field experiences. We speak with JoAnna Lever, director of Fayetteville Virtual Academy, about what to expect with the new learning option. 

Poultry Workers Face Abuse

7 hours ago

A new report shows large percentages of the state's poultry workers face wage violations and workplace abuse.

The Cost of Valentine's Day

7 hours ago

According to Talk Business and Politics, retailers are looking for some love from consumers this Valentine's Day.

J. Froelich-KUAF

For more than a century visitors traveled to Eureka Springs to experience the natural beauty and historic architecture. In recent decades, Eureka also became an arts mecca, but surging motorcycle tourism appears to be changing Eureka's cultural landscape.