We learn about migratory patterns of black bears following a number of recent sightings of the animals in northwest Arkansas. We also hear from Jenni Taylor Swain, longtime director of programming at Walton Arts Center, on her time at the center and on her retirement this week from the arts organization she has worked for since 1990.

courtesy photo / Eric Dresser

Black bear sightings in Washington County have been reported to Fayetteville Animal Services in recent weeks. Officials say the bears typically migrate through the area around this time each year. Black bears are native to Arkansas and you can learn more about them from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Arkansas Wine Laws Challenged

4 hours ago

Michael Tilley with Talk Business and Politics discusses an effort to change an old law regarding wine in Arkansas.

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Jenni Taylor Swain is leaving Walton Arts Center after more than twenty-five years. She reflects on her career there that began before the venue was built.

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Summer Begins with Water

4 hours ago

Becca Martin Brown, with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, says true summer can be found at a water park in Branson.