Bach’s Goldberg Variations have captured the imaginations of musicians and composers since their conception. On Friday’s program, listen to a new release featuring Bach’s original version performed alongside a newly composed counterpart for violin, written by composer and pianist Joe Chindamo, adding a fresh and daring element to this classic piece. Chindamo teams up with pianist Zoë Black on this extraordinary performance.

On this edition of Ozarks at Large, sound of the Washington County Fair, a fallen police chief's sacrifice is recognized nearly 35 years later, and finishing up the OAL summer reading list.

Christina Karnatz

Chief Paul Mueller earns a medal of honor close to 35 years after he was shot in the line of duty. His wife and children were honored thanks to the efforts of a police officer who had never met Mueller.

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Arkansas Tax Revenue Above Forecast

15 hours ago

For the year, but especially for the month of August. Economist John Shellnut explains this follows national trends. 

Talk Business and Politics' Roby Brock discusses the week's topics with KATV reporter Janelle Lily. Subjects include Martha Shoffner and the proposed gas tax increase.

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