The Worker’s Union Ensemble recently stopped by the KUAF studio to talk about their upcoming performance at Nightbird Books. Member Ryan Cockerham explains the political nature of the pieces to be played: “This holiday was literally created to honor the American worker,” and that’s what this music aims to do, too. “We chose these two pieces because both of them are essentially political composition, which is […] its own art form.” Hear the entire interview on Friday’s program, and don’t miss the performance Friday night at 7:00 inside Nightbird Books!  

40 Year UA law professor Howard Brill was chosen this week by Governor Asa Hutchinson to serve out the remaining 16 months in Chief Justice Jim Hannah's 8 year term who resigned this month due to health problems. Brill will be sworn in Tuesday, and while he is taking a leave of absence to pursue the challenge, he will return to the UA in the spring of 2017 to do what he loves: teaching.

MUSIC: "Douler later" Zanzibar

The Building Beat Goes On

Aug 27, 2015

Michael Tilley from The City Wire says the building boom in northwest Arkansas grows again in July. There is also concern about some jobs related to suppliers in Benton County and a US Senate race may be developing.

Taking Action with Faith

Aug 27, 2015

A meeting of hundreds of people from several denominations ended yesterday in Little Rock. Governor Hutchinson called the summit to address matters like foster care for children and recidivism of Arkansas prisoners.

UA Digital Collections

Friday, University Libraries will celebrate the formal opening of the digital Ozark Folksong Collection with a daylong event honoring the legacy of Mary Celestia Parler. The former professor of English and folklore gathered material for the collection, which contains audio recordings of songs, oral histories, anecdotes, and tales from more than 700 participants.