Ozarks at Large for Friday, July 20, 2018

Jul 20, 2018

On today’s show, Fort Smith officials inspect how other cities in Arkansas approach economic development. Plus, the week’s news examined with Michael Tilley from Talk Business and Politics, how to spend time indoors this weekend with advice from Becca Martin Brown from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and music arrives in the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio from Austin, Texas as Christina Cavazos and Jaimee Harris stop by the Carver Center for Public Radio.

Sparks Sold, Home Sales Bold, Pot on Hold

Jul 20, 2018

Michael Tilley, from Talk Business and Politics, discusses the sale of Sparks to Baptist Health, a possible leveling off of northwest Arkansas home sales and the lengthy process to bring medical marijuana to Arkansas.

Fort Smith city directors have asked city officials to look throughout Arkansas for economic development methods that could boost growth in targeted areas and business sectors. While the City of Fort Smith already offers some economic incentives to attract new businesses or to encourage existing businesses to expand, City Administrator Carl Geffken says city leaders want to explore all available avenues to make those things happen.

A Friday news digest includes a tragedy on Table Rock Lake.

Too Hot? Here are Inside Options

Jul 20, 2018

Becca Martin Brown from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette offers a few air-conditioned options (and a few outdoor options, too) for the weekend.