People between the ages of 20 and 34 make up the largest percentage of residents in Washington County, northwest Arkansas as a whole, and the entire state. Government numbers show 27 percent of Arkansas residents are millennials, or people born between 1981 and 2000. That’s a slightly larger percentage of Natural State residents than baby boomers, who make up roughly 24 percent of the population. Those numbers are for 2015 and most, if not all, estimates predict the number of millennial residents has only increased and will continue to increase in northwest Arkansas.

It's hot outside, so Becca Martin Brown of the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette gives us some weekend options of things to do away from the scorching heat.

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Knife in the Water is a band that formed 20 years ago in Austin, Texas. In their early days, they released three records and one EP and even toured with Calexico. The band slowly ran out of steam, until a new record began to take shape in 2015. That record, titled “Reproductions” was released earlier this year. Most of the band’s members have changed, but guitarist and vocalist Aaron Blount and pedal steel player Bill McCullough are still fixtures of the five-piece band. While the band was touring the region in support of the album, they made their way to Fayetteville.

On today’s Facebook is making global medicine better. An Arkansas-based pathologist has created a world-wide effort to bring better medical information to people. Plus Arkansas’ second-leading industry rolls along; we hear a conversation with Kane Webb, the director of the state’s parks and tourism department. And, how an old movie spurred Slaid Cleaves to write a new song.

Looking Ahead in Fort Smith

Jul 20, 2017

Michael Tilley, from Talk Business and Politics, joins us a day early this week to discuss how traffic, education and art are playing a role in Fort Smith's future.

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A Facebook group of thousands of doctors is helping spread medical information and advice around the world. We talked with Dr. Jerad Gardner at UAMS about the effort.

Thursday roundup: an Arkansan on a national commission examining voting, money for Eureka Springs and Governor Asa Hutchinson asks for bipartisan work on health care.

Tourism Rolls on in Arkansas

Jul 20, 2017

This week's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal includes a conversation with Kane Webb, the director of Arkansas Parks and Tourism, about the state's second-leading industry.

Slaid Cleaves has developed a deserving fan base for his songs. He'll be in Fayetteville this weekend and talked with Mike Shirkey, from KUAF's Pickin' Post, this month.

Conversations With the Academy: Connie Lewis Lensing

Jul 20, 2017

Connie Lewis Lensing, a University of Arkansas alumna and senior vice president in the legal department at FedEx Express, was on campus in March 2016 to accept the Gayle Pettus Pontz award. While on campus, she discussed her career path, her memories of law school and the importance of passion.


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Several toddlers huddle under an oak tree on the Harrison town square pretending to burn something.

"P-wish," a little boy says.  "I’m going to light the fire up!”

Their parents stand a few feet away, with roughly 60 other Ku Klux Klan members holding placards as a gay pride parade goes by. The air vibrates with chants and counter-chants, some of the anti-LGBTQ shouts vulgar. The Klan protestors follow the pride procession for several blocks, converging on a local park where parade members are staging a small festival. Protestors are barred from the gated event so take up positions around the perimeter. Many are mothers pushing infants in strollers, children and teenagers, as well as single women, all members of the Christian Revival Center, operated by Pastor and Ku Klux Klan leader, Thomas Robb. 

Speaking at a news conference in Finland on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin derided the sanctions bill now in the U.S. Congress as "illegal under international law" — but he said Russia's response will depend on what ultimately gets passed.

"We haven't seen the final version yet, so we haven't got any kind of definitive view on it," Putin said, "but we can see that over a lengthy period they are trying to provoke us more and more."

Why Are Undocumented Immigrants Smuggled By Truck?

14 minutes ago

The deaths of 10 migrants in a sweltering 18-wheeler in a San Antonio has raised a lot of questions. One of them: why transport people in the back of a tractor-trailer, especially after they have already crossed the border?

One reason, experts say, is that entering the United States from Mexico illegally involves "two crossings." You must first cross U.S./Mexico border, then one of the many border patrol checkpoints that exist farther into the United States.

The nation's highest-ranking military officer said Thursday that the Defense Department was making "no modifications" to current policy regarding transgender service members until President Trump gives more direction.

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