Community Spotlight - Volunteer Pop-Up

Apr 19, 2017

The Northwest Arkansas Peace Coalition is hosting the Volunteer Pop-Up on April 22nd from 1 to 5pm at Wilson Park.  This event will showcase the local nonprofit organizations in NWA and help community members get involved with these organizations.

Courtesy: City of Fort Smith

A 248-page coffee table book marking Fort Smith's bicentennial was made available for pre-order this month. The book celebrates the city through photos of the past and present ahead of the year-long calendar of bicentennial events that will begin Christmas Day 2017. 

Library of Congress

In this episode, we immerse ourselves in the element of water, tour the dreams of the creative mind, and hear the planets by piano.

Moving through the cosmos to the sounds of Gustav Holst's "The Planets," as played by Len Vorster and Robert Chamberlain on two pianos, we fall back to Earth to explore an imagination unfettered by wakefulness in Jennifer Higdon's composition "Scenes from the Poet's Dreams."

The words orchestra and overture conjure sounds and images of grandeur and bombast, but what if the accumulated skill of an orchestra could be used for just the opposite: intimacy and contemplation?

On today's edition of Ozarks, two members of the Arkansas House of Representatives explain their different opinions regarding the death penalty. Plus, the city of Fayetteville begins development of a new energy plan.

Brian Tanner

A special compact treaty between the United States and several Pacific Island nations allows natives to freely travel to and work in the U.S. But under President Trump's new immigration enforcement rules, compact migrants are at certain risk for deportation. We seek legal insight from an expert immigration attorney. 


Five executions are still scheduled to take place this month in Arkansas after the first two scheduled executions were not carried out yesterday.  

Two members of the Arkansas Legislature, from different parties, tell Roby Brock from Talk Business and Politics they have different opinions about capital punishment.

MUSIC: “Cranes in the Sky” Solange

A Tuesday roundup includes comments from members of Arkansas' Congressional delegation and the identity of the state's largest-ever lottery winner.

MUSIC: “Sand Springs Line” Thatum

The city of Fayetteville is developing a plan to encourage continued improvements in the climate and energy sector. In February, the city council voted 7 to 1 to support the study and development of such a plan. We recently spoke with the city's sustainability director to learn what's next.


World News from NPR

In the 1950s, television producer Albert Freedman captivated audiences with his carefully crafted game show Twenty-One, which had been foundering before he helped turn it into the most popular program in the country.

Updated at 5:50 p.m. ET.

A State Department website known as ShareAmerica has a page featuring President Trump's private, for-profit club, Mar-a-Lago.

Critics complain taxpayer-funded resources are being used to tout the club, which Trump refers to as the Winter White House. The club, in Palm Beach, Fla., is held in Trump's trust, of which he is the sole beneficiary.

Robert M. Pirsig, who inspired generations to road trip across America with his "novelistic autobigraphy," Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, died Monday at the age of 88.

His publisher William Morrow & Company said in a statement that Pirsig died at his home in South Berwick, Maine, "after a period of failing health."

A Jewish advocacy organization expects a staggering increase in anti-Semitic incidents by the end of 2017. That projection comes after the Anti-Defamation League counted an 86 percent spike in attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions so far this year, according to a report released Monday.

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